Thursday, May 21, 2009

he's not perfect, he's the victim of his occupation

okay I have a confession to make: I'm one of those crazy girls.... I really like Robert Pattinson.

...So I don't really love him seriously (that is reserved for my boyfriend, hi joey!) but my obsession goes deep enough to where I google his name every couple of days. If i ever saw him I wouldn't scream and say "ROBERT! PLEASE BITE ME!"

but I would probably stare.. hard.

so lame I know. & the thing is that I'm not in love with "Edward" - he's just a fictional character duh.. but the actor who plays him seems really cool. Have you seen any of his interviews?? He is such a down to earth guy. He is really funny and just seems like he has a killer personality and knows how to just chill. Oh and did I mention that he is FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!

how did this random post come about? well my friend Zac just called me to tell me "the guy from Twilight is going to play Varg in the "Lords of Chaos" movie. Which was pretty mind boggeling considering that Lords of Chaos is about black metal and centered around Varg from Mayhem who killed his guitar pleasant. OF COURSE I had to google this information and found that it's actually Jackson Rathbone who will be playing Varg.. He's no Rob but that's still pretty sweet.
Check out the article Lords of Chaos movie

Another interesting thing I found today while googeling.. Robert Pattinson's lips were auctioned off at Cannes today. There were 2 people who actually payed 20,000 euros (about $55,000) to have Robert Pattinson kiss their daughters on the cheek. Ridiculous!


This is what I wore to school today:Simple concept: black&white plaid needs balance with a nice solid color.
Originally, this blouse hung straight down with a little bit of an "A-line" shape. This was a bit unflattering and when the wind blew from a certain angle, I looked pregnant. So I just tied the ends together for a more sleek look.

Sometimes I wear this blouse with my plaid black&white Betsey Johnson purse,
but I hate the idea of purse and backpack together. I have always been very OCD about the purse/backpack combo. Maybe I'm traumatized from back in high school when girls wore their huge backpacks and teeny tiny purses that really didn't have a point because they had no room for anything to go in there (okay okay maybe a lipstick).

Anyhow.. here's the rundown:

shescool checkered extra-long blouse from tjmaxx

hilaration purple leggings from the San Carlos thrift store. (My friend Zac actually gave them to me the other day. Why he bought them in the first place is beyond me.)

Keds tassle flats with 2inch wedge from

By the way, I love my Keds flats. They are simply and comfy. At first sight they just look like regular flats but they have a secret: They have a "hidden wedge" that gives the shoe a little lift. Something bothers me about two-toned wedges most of the time so I usually go for the solid-covered hidden wedge (with the excepetion of SOME cork/straw wedge platforms)

Good Night (or morning depending on your sleep cycle.. I know mine is all messed up)
& check out these low heeled covered wedges:
american eagle..................................................................................80%20

Monday, May 18, 2009


While still procrastinating, i discovered this:
Check out LA Vintage.
Cute stuff based from different decades. Not too hefty on your wallet either.

Like this red leather jacket (80s) for $68:

okay I keep forgetting that it's spring and it's about 80 degrees outside... so for all you practical warm-weather-minding folks:

check out this cute 80s style floral-print dress for only $44
still too hot?
cool off 70s style with this breezy red number (for a mere $45):

& another cool thing about this online store is there is only one of each item.. I think I'm in love.
check out their blog: BLOG

Call the Doctor

So has anyone noticed that Dr.Martens are making a huge comeback? Procrastinating writing my 6 page paper on the Palauan Islands of Micronesia, I decided to partake in some wishful online shopping. You see, Dr.Martens were worn by factory workers and postmen in the 1960s, later skinheads adopted the boot (something I'm not fond of.. ps: im Jewish), and in the 1970s they were being worn by masses of subculture fanatics including: Mods, glam, punks, ska, psychobillies, grebos, Goths, industrialists, nu-metal, hardcore, straight-edge, grunge, Britpop.

One word: WOAH. These babies were HUGE in the 90s but somehow they died down in the start of the new millenium... May we blame UGGs for this occurance?

"Dr. Martens are practical, hard-wearing and a design classic" (Martin Roach). Pretty much: they last forever and come in many different colors and designs.

Having doubts that something worn by factory workers and large bald-headed racist men can actually be turned into something cute?

Well here are some looks incorporating this age-old classic:
bothered by the chunk? try some Dr.Martens flats or wedges:

add some color to the mix or try some floral prints:

So maybe summertime isn't the best time to throw on some docs, but these chunky classics would go great with a simple pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap or a flowy top/leggings combo. Whatever your cup of tea is, Dr.Martens has a design for you.

check it out: