Thursday, February 26, 2009

Killer Ts!

So I came across this article today talking about different foods that you can eat to keep your immune system at its best..
you are what you eat

pretty good advice actually, especially since the food here is good for those of you who are watching your weight (ahem me..).

so apart from t-cells... here is a killer t-shirt i came across the other day

Very simple... but very feminine as well.. it has fluidity and style to the graphics.

only $12.50 from forever 21 (I am such a teeny bopper I know)... they have cute stuff... horrible quality but fashionable. Also, I should note that the denim there isnt awful quality. The jeans are super cheap and last a while.. I have a pair 1 years old and going strong.

So if you want the shirt here is the link: tee

Have a breezy day!